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    Premarital Counseling

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    Congratulations on your engagement! Understanding God's blueprint for a successful marriage is essential for every couple before their wedding day. Practical issues from a biblical perspective will be discussed through regular meetings with a mentor couple. This course is a prerequisite to all weddings officiated by Harvest.

    Register for Premarital Counseling

    If you are interested in receiving Premarital Counseling and Harvest is your home church, please complete the form below. We will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment. 

    We request that both of you separately respond to the questions below in short answer format. Honesty in answering the questions helps us discern how best to minister to you. We look forward to walking with you in the days to come.

    Date of Wedding
    Who is your officiating pastor?
    Last Name
    First Name
    Primary Phone Number
    Date of Birth
    Is Harvest Bible Chapel Toronto West your home church?
    Are you in a Small Group?
    Fiance's Last Name
    Fiance's First Name
    Describe how you met Jesus. How has your understanding of Jesus changed who you are?
    What do you believe your spiritual gifts are? What spiritual gifting do you believe God has given your fiance?
    What habits in your daily life would you like to see changed? What do you turn to in times of stress?
    How did you meet your fiance? How long have you known each other?
    Describe your living situation; do you live with your parents, on your own, or with your fiance?
    Describe your fiance's relationship with the Lord.
    What do you enjoy about your relationship with your fiance? Detail areas of conflict or challenge.
    Where would you like to personally grow? Where would you like to see growth in your fiance?
    Why are you getting married? What is your hope in marriage?